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Oil Paintings of Nude Women & Nudes

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Beautiful Naked Ladies oil paintings are colorful, bright, vibrant and bold impressionist oil paintings of beautiful Naked Women and Ladies painted in pure colors. Some of the naked ladies are formed from smooth flowing lines. Other naked ladies are formed from impressionist strokes and lines of deep pure colors. Pete Caswell is an English artist based in North Devon and his oil paintings of Nude and Naked Ladies are popular throughout the world.

Naked ladies are beautiful women tastefully painted to admire the magnetic, loving and slender figures bestowed upon them. These naked Lady paintings are loved by men and women alike.

Beautiful Naked Ladies painted in pure vibrant and bold oil colors onto canvas. Pete Caswell is a popular UK artist whose favourite motif  is naked ladies and painting these nude forms onto canvas in all their colour and splendor.

The Naked lady paintings are created out of lavish and deep bush strokes of pure unadulterated oil colour boldly and confidently layered upon the convas to form a complex nude which forms an image of interest which should provide a lasting feast of form for the eye to dwell on.

These paintings are great images for the wall with their colourful, interesting and impressionist style providing a great shot of colour into the room.

 View the Exhibition of Naked Lady paintings in the viewer. The viewer starts with the latest nudes and towards the end of the exhibition are some of the images from the last exhibition of Lines of Naked Ladies exhibition. Use the zoom bar on the tool bar to zoom into the painting to see the rich texture and brush strokes. Prices are shown on those paintings still for sale, along with the size and medium. Shipping is available worldwide, but you may want to email me for shipping outside of Europe for a quote. If you don’t see what you want in the exhibition then please email and I will do my best to help.

As an artist the Naked Ladies bodies presents an unrivaled subject for study with an almost unlimited combination of images, forms, colours and textures, exploring the evocative feelings and fantasies surrounding the nude form of nudes. Our emotional, biological and social reactions to nude women’s body in its most natural state and a deeply felt reaction which various images can trigger, which is one of our most powerful and essential attractions, without which life simply would not be possible.

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Naked Ladies
Pete Caswell Naked Ladies Artist & Painter
Naked Ladies Oil Paintings exhibition

“Naked Ladies are my favorite motif. I love painting their exotic curves and naked Ladies provide an unmatched opportunity. The most desired, probably the best subject in the world!

Pete Caswell Naked Ladies Artist & Painter
Nude Naked Ladies Paintings
Ladies Naked Oil Paintings

View Naked Ladies Painting Exhibition in the online viewer

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Nude Paintings of Ladies Naked
Naked Ladies Oil paintings of Nudes of women

Nude Ladies, Nudes and Beautiful women tastefully painted to admire the magnetic, loving and slender figures bestowed upon them. The nude paintings are loved by men and women alike.


Pete Caswell does accept commissions from clients for oil paintings of nude women and ladies. It is preferred to work from a photograph or series of photos. If you have an image which you would love to be transformed into a larger painting for display you might want to consider a commission.You should choose an existing painting that you already like to guide me on your preferred style and colours. From this an idea of the painting can be given. Sizes vary from small 30cm x 30cm to 1.5m x 1.5. Cost vary depending on size, detail and style, but start at £150 for a 50 x 70cm oil painting on canvas. 50% of the cost is payed as a deposit.


“Naked ladies are my favorite motif. I love painting curves and naked ladies provide an unmatched opportunity

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